Instruments Handles

Instrument Handles
Function :- To hold (grasp) instrument

Characteristics :- Single- or double-ended capability
Removable working ends (replaceable and interchangeable) attach to handle
Examples: Mouth mirror, scaler
Nonremovable working ends also available (commonly used)
Larger diameter models-Help lighten grasp and maximize control
Alternating diameter models-Lessen stress associated with carpal tunnel syndrome
Lighter weight models-Minimize fatigue
Variety of sizes, styles, and textures :

1.Small, round ¼-inch stainless steel
2 Standard, hollow 16-inch stainless steel
3.Lightweight, /s-inch slip-resistant pattern
4 Satin Steel model-Lightweight, ergonomically designed

-When working end is attached to the handle, the instrument must be cleaned, bagged
individually or bagged/wrapped in a tray setup, and then sterilized. A chemical/steam
indicator device should be included in the wrapping 👈